• Beth Pohl

Why should I surrender?

In motherhood, in life, on social media, things get noisy. Everyone has an opinion and everyone is entitled to that opinion. I love opinions that differ from mine. I love considering how others think and why they think that way. I love reconsidering my thought processes. We are all constantly sifting through new ideas, beliefs and ways of living, either consciously or subconsciously. In motherhood we feel a massive weight to do this constantly. We’ve entered new territory, in this parenthood season, and its brand new. We need to figure out our truth, how we’ll be imparting it to our precious children and how we’re forming their minds.

As a woman of faith, I have become a mother of faith. Carrying the mantle of Christ is an honour to me, I walk in the freedom and fruit I have in Him. I see miracles every day, no joke. I am no longer a slave to fear, I am a child of God (sing it with me). But, I am very aware that with great power comes great responsibility. The power and strength I have in Jesus is because I have laid down my life for Him. So… as a mother of faith I need to lay down my motherhood journey. I need to seek Him first, above all opinions and ways of this world. I need to study His word and prayerfully apply it to my life. ‘Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.’ Romans 12:2

I will be writing about my ‘Surrendered Life’, delving into some juicy, some taboo and some everyday topics and how they relate to Jesus. This world we live in can seem to be without morals or values. The amount of people living with fear, anxiety or depression has doubled over the past 30 years. We all feel the urgency to live more intentionally. Going with the flow can be detrimental nowadays. However, we can celebrate in the knowledge that we are IN this world but not OF this world. ‘Perhaps you were born for a time such as this.’ Esther 4:14

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